Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Papers

Here are some papers that will be made available through the Equipping Dept. this year. Also, several years of original challenge group outlines and notes will become available. If you know of any other original papers, please let me know!

“Guiding the Decision-Making Process” Doug Patch

“Affirming Growth/Attracting Leaders” Jeff Gordon

“Questions to be used for Initiating Evangelism” Chris George

“An Introduction to Alcoholism” Jim Leffel

“Psychiatry for the Lay Counselor: When to Refer for Professional Help” Jeff Gordon

“Recognizing Emotional Disorders” Amy Merker

“Signposts” Holly McCallum

“Confidentiality, Gossip, and Openness in the Body of Christ” Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt

“Home Church Duplication Model” Dennis McCallum

“Concept of Authority in the Bible” Dennis McCallum and Gary DeLashmutt

“My Problem with Self-First and Inner Child Theories” Dennis McCallum

“The ‘Ban’” Gary DeLashmutt

“Learning Theory and Christian Leadership: Xenos HCL Retreat 1988” Dennis McCallum

“Losing Your First Love” Holly McCallum

“Knowing God” Holly McCallum

“New Identity – What is it?” Holly McCallum

“Orphans vs. Adopted” Holly McCallum

“The Deceit of Indwelling Sin” Martha McCallum

“Intimacy with God Meditation Worksheet” Holly McCallum

“Intimacy with God” Holly McCallum

“Intimacy with God part 2” Holly McCallum

“Gifts of the Spirit: 1986” Martha McCallum

“Holiness” Holly McCallum

“Holiness: Personal Worksheet” Holly McCallum

“Faith – Rest – Walk” Martha McCallum

“Under Law, Under Grace: 1983” ?

“Home Church Follow-Up” Dennis McCallum, Gary DeLashmutt, KJ Swearengen, and Kim Mautz

“Evangelistic Concepts 2” Holly McCallum

“Evangelism” Chris Patch

“Church Growth” ?

“Decision Continuum” ?

“Necessary Biblical Convictions” Jeff Lentz

“Evangelism” Holly McCallum

“Common Questions Non-Christians Ask” Holly McCallum

“One-on-One Discipleship” Martha McCallum

“Discipleship in the Church” Dennis McCallum

“Discipling in Christ: Levels of Conflict and Growth” Holly McCallum

“Cell Group Plan” Holly McCallum

“What is a Faithful person?” Holly McCallum

“Bible Study” Holly McCallum

“Bible Books and History” Martha McCallum

“Application Restrictions” ?

“Problem Passage Interpretation Format” ?

“Judgment vs. Discernment” Martha McCallum

“1 Corinthians 6: Human Sexuality” Martha McCallum

“Love Therapy to Love Ethics: A Description of Who and How we Love” ?

“Counseling: 1987” KJ Swearingen

“Pre-marriage Preparation” KJ Swearingen

“Relational Evaluation Worksheet” Dennis McCallum, Gary DeLashmutt, Louie Basso, Greg Leffel, Jeff Beale, Fred Hershline, John VanScapen

“The Cross – Jesus the Sacrifice” Holly McCallum

“The Cross” Holly McCallum

“Brokenness” Holly McCallum

“Biblical Hermeneutics” ?

“The Bible Stands Alone” ?

“The Gospel in the Old Testament” Gary DeLashmutt

“Wedding Checklist” Mark Avers

“Discipleship Resources” James Rochford and Tim Lipovsky

“Is There Good Without God?” James Rochford

“The Afterlife” Jessica Lowery

“Spiritual Vitality Questionnaire” Jessica Lowery

“Simple Pleasures: Teaching Your Kids to Love Nature” Jessica Lowery

“Young Leaders” Jessica Lowery

“Evangelism” Jessica Lowery

“Ezekiel Chapter One” Jessica Lowery

“Mount Sinai” Jessica Lowery

“Books of the Bible” Jessica Lowery

“Dissonance” Jessica Lowery

“Christian Basics” Jessica Lowery

“Bible Overview” Jessica Lowery

“Interactive Salvation History Overview” Jessica Lowery

“A Servant’s Guide to Victorious Living” Holly McCallum

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