Thursday, April 29, 2010

8 choices that will change a woman's life by: jill briscoe

I haven't read this book yet - so a review will have to wait. However, just skimming the set-up and chapters, etc.. it looks like a really good book for a women's cell to use and study from.

Her 8 choices are:
1. Resist pain or use it
2. Pursue wealth or grace
3. Speak wisely or foolishly
4. Value your time or fritter it away
5. Live for self or the Spirit
6. Develop God's gifts or waste them
7. Persevere under trials or protest your life
8. Stand for the truth or abandon it

These topics look great + would make for a super-cool cell series or challenge group study. The discussion/study guide thing at the end of each section is ok, but can be a bit hoaky. She has prayer excercises to do as a group and questions as well as Scriptures to read. This can be used with some wisdom - be careful about the cheese factor/ being patronizing. But, for the most part even the discussion guide looked use-able. So, I'm already for this book - even though I haven't carefully read the whole thing yet.

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