Friday, April 23, 2010

more papers

ok - here are a few more papers that I've collected. these will be made available by the equipping department this year:

"MELCHIZEDEK" by Conrad Hilario
"Women's Role in Ministry" by Conrad Hilario

“Renewing Zeal” Martha McCallum

“Zeal” Kay Lipovsky

“Victory over the Darkness – A Fruitful vs. Barren Life” Martha McCallum

“Victorious Love Output: Yeilding Rights” Holly McCallum

“Levels of Ministry” Dennis McCallum

“Worship” Holly McCallum

“What is Worship?” Lee Campbell

“Five Worldviews” Dennis McCallum

“Relativism” Dennis McCallum

“Deism; 1986” Dennis McCallum and Allen Mautz

“Liberal Theology; 1986” Gary Delashmutt

“Optimistic Secular Humanism; 1985” Dennis McCallum

“Critical Reasoning” Dennis McCallum

“Judaism and Islamic Beliefs” Holly McCallum

“Christian Sects; 1986” Gary Delashmutt, Dennis McCallum, and Jeff Torgerson

“Godly Wisdom Defined” Joe McCallum

“Wisdom Applied” Holly McCallum

“Jesus: Servant Leadership and Victorious Love Output” Holly McCallum

“Understanding the Times” Holly McCallum

“Time Management” Holly McCallum

“Satan _ and Why Evil Exists in the World” ?

“Satanology” Dennis McCallum

“Satanic Covert Tactics” ?

“Biblical Insights on Simplifying Your Life” Doug and Deb Rudy

“The Principle of Sin and Temptation” Martha McCallum

“Revival” “Methods of Revival” “Themes in Revival” “What is Revival?” “When is Revival Needed?” ?

“Perseverance” Holly McCallum

“Sin Management vs. Repentance” Holly McCallum

“The Resilient Life” Holly McCallum

“Principlizing Workshop” Holly McCallum

“Early Xenos” ?

“Running the Race with Endurance and Prayer” ?

“The Struggle of Prayer and the Joy of Waiting” Kay Lipovsky

“Paul’s Intercessory Prayer” ?

“Prayer” Holly McCallum

“Prayer and Priorities” ?

“Paul’s Knowledge of the ‘God of all Comfort’ and Peter’s Knowledge of the ‘God of all Grace” ?

“Loving Obedience” ?

“Obedience” ?

“How to Motivate People” Dennis McCallum

“Ministry as a Means of Growth” ?

“The Logic of Salvation; 1985” Dennis McCallum, Gary Delashmutt

“The Word of God” Holly McCallum

“The Word as a Means of Grace; 1981” ?

“Means of Grace; 1981” ?

“Means of Growth: Prayer” ?

“Nehemiah: How can We Deal with Discouragement?” Holly McCallum

“Discipline” ?

“Suffering in the Christian Life: 1985” Dennis McCallum and Gary Delashmutt

“The Means of Growth Introduction; 1987” Dennis McCallum and Gary Delashmutt

“The Means of Growth; 1985” Dennis McCallum and Gary Delashmutt

“Follow-up Questionnaire for the 30-day Experiment” ?

“Walk in Reality: Meditating on the Word” Holly McCallum

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