Monday, March 22, 2010

Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor

This quote about Hudson Taylor's childhood kind of reminds me of Logan:

"Though he took life seriously from the first, he was sunny and bright by nature and dearly loved boyish fun. He had eyes and a heart for everything and retained to the end a capacity for enjoyment that was remarkable. Nature was his high delight, and he had the patience, sympathy, and power of observation needed for entering into its secrets. He would take any amount of trouble to cultivate a little fern or flower brought home from the woods, or to learn about the ways of birds, animals, and insects. All living, growing things seemed to possess a charm for him that years only increased." (p.8)

I've only read the beginning of this book today; but what stood out to me the most were the descriptions of how often and how fervently all the family members prayed in this family. Prayer was a big cornerstone - the answer to times of stress and fear and doubt. Also, a way to rejoice in Someone they loved.

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