Thursday, March 25, 2010

poems quoted by sanders

If you read Sanders at all, you know he loves his poems. When I'm reading aloud in a group, this is bemoaned by everyone - because reading a poem aloud can make you feel like a dork. However, when I'm reading alone, the poems are really beautiful to me. So, I shared some today to help you all feel like a dork and smile, thinking of God:
These poems are quoted by Sanders in his book, "Every Life is a Plan of God."
"John Oxenham" is a psuedonym for William Arthur Dunkerley - a British poet, writer, and journalist.

"A chequer board of light and shade?
And we the pieces deftly laid?
Moved and removed without a word to say
By the same hand that board and peices made?

No pieces we in any fateful game,
Nor free to shift on Destiny the blame,
Each soul doth tend its own immortal flame,
Fans it to heaven, or smothers it in shame."

Another John Oxenham poem:

"Not for a single day
Can I discern the way;
    But this I surely know,
Who gives the day
Will show the way,
    And so I surely go."

This next one he quotes is from himself possibly. He doesn't give credit to anyone else.

"I am not strong, I am not wise,
And many a path before me lies
   Where I might go astray;
So when I have to make a choice,
Help me listen for Your voice,
   And then obey."

A less lyrical poem by the famous Samuel Chadwick=

"We are moved by the act of God;
Omniscience holds no conference;
Infinite authority leaves no room for compromise;
Eternal love offers no explanations;
The Lord disturbs us at will;
Human arrangements are ignored;
Buisiness claims put aside.
We are never asked if it is convenient."

And finally, one more by Sanders:

"Is there some door closed by the Father's hand
    Which opened you hoped to see?
Trust God and wait - for when He shuts the door
    He keeps the key.
Have patience with your God - your patient God
    All-wise, all-knowing, no long tarrier He,
And of the door to all the future life
    He holds the key."

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