Sunday, December 27, 2009

wild things - reading list

here is a list of books that the authors of "Wild Things: The Art of Nuturing Boys" suggest for further reading:

Frank Pittman “Fathers and Sons” Psychology Today Sept/oct 1993

The Best Old Movies for Families: A guide to Watching Together by: Ty Burr

“The Way of the Wild Heart” And “Wild at Heart” by Eldredge

By Gurian: “Boys and girls learn differently!”, “The good son”, “The wonder of boys”, “The minds of boys”

“Raising Cain” By: Kindlon and Thompson

“Raising a modern-day knight: a father’s role in guiding his son to authentic manhood” By: Lewis

“Last child in the woods” By: Louv

“Real boys: rescuing our sons from the myths of boyhood” By: Pollack

“Adam’s return: 5 promises of male initiation” By: Rohr

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