Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Online Bible References

This is a great all-encompassing Bible resource - it's free, it's easily used and intuitive, it includes all versions and translations of the Bible including great commentary, atlas, visuals, etc.. Ryan uses this sometimes for CT. Also, it has a pretty usable children's Bible for daily devotions with kids.

This is from the navigators, and under the "speakers" button on the left-hand side there are dozens of amazing audio teachings from guys like Francis Schaeffer, John Stott, Billy Graham, and more.

I've shared this one before - it has a pretty good commentary and some other resources =

Here's one that we read with our kids sometimes (A children's Bible) =

Here's Ray Stedman's library - his expository teachings are a great aid for Bible teachers who need new inspiration on a passage =

That's all I have for now - but, I'll ask around and see if there are other good ones to share.

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