Friday, April 5, 2013

Children's Literature - David Petersen Mouse Guard Fall 1152

Petersen, David. Mouse Guard; Fall 1152. Villard, 2008. (192 pages)
Peterson succeeds in setting up an interesting world complete with maps, commerce, towns, trade, and conflict. This book seems to be part of a series, and reading the whole series would probably shed more light on this particular book.
The mouse guard has made a discovery in the woods: there is treachery which threatens the home of the guard and its matriarch, Gwendolyn. Many characters, both wizened and young, band together to stave off the attacking army of Midnight - a rogue mouse guard. Along the way, larger creatures pose a danger to the mice, including crabs and a snake. However, the right side has a victory in the end.
Petersen’s illustrations are brilliant. The value of the drawings is fairly dark, as is his subject matter. Like many graphic novel writers, I think the drawings may outshine the story. But, this story may have been more compelling if read in its entire context (which I have not had the opportunity to do). I thought that this may be a book for older children since some of the script writing may be difficult for a young one to navigate. But, the tale is not too much for a young reader – it brings to mind series which my children have read and loved such as Brian Jacques’ Redwall series and Erin Hunter’s Warriors series. I think that readers would be able to get into this and read all the books; the makings of an addictive series are present.

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