Monday, December 6, 2010

"Members of One Another" by Dennis McCallum

So, my dad's new book is out! I've read and re-read the book through the pre-published phases, but I still look forward to reading through the finished work. The sub-title "How to Build a Biblical Ethos into Your Church" describes the goal of the book - it's an argument for NT style church as well as a practical guidebook on how to do church. Exciting to have this book to refer people to!

This book is not for the weak to read - it is over 300 pages, and it covers a lot. But, if you've ever had anyone ask you about why Xenos seems like such a weird church, this book would make an excellent read; it would make for a great gift too. It's long, but it's easy to read and get into.

The weird/funny thing I have to mention is that it has part of a naked guy on the front cover. That, and it's called "Members" - there are some jokes in the making there to be sure.

I do plan to write up a complete review once I finish reading the book again. It may be a while though, because I am hoping to read through this with a friend - and those reads always tend to be slower and more thoughtful. But, I wanted to help get the word out there so everyone will run out and pick up their copies this week and get extras for xmas presents too.

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  1. I'm pretty excited about this new book, but please, please ask your dad (and his publisher) to offer it in an ebook format also (I prefer the Amazon Kindle). If I buy any more physical books there's a good chance my bookshelves will undergo complete gravitational collapse and create a small black hole. Nobody wants that - especially not my wife.