Wednesday, September 15, 2010

getting ready

Sorry I've been away from the blog for a while - I was trying to work hard on finishing up the book and then working hard on preparing for this year's challenge group teachings on the life of Christ.

I realized that it's very daunting to study and teach the life of Christ - you get scared about misrepresenting things and preforming blasphemy. This quote by Lewis Sperry Chafer is kind of funny:

"In attempting to write of His adorable Person and His incomprehensible achievements - which achievements when completed will have perfected redemption, exercised to infinite satisfaction the divine attribute of grace, manifested the invisible God to His creatures, and subdued rebellious universe in which sin had been permitted to demonstrate its exceeding sinfulness - the limitations of a finite mind which is weakened by a faulty perception are all too apparent."
-Lewis Sperry Chafer

or to put it more simply;

"I am too dumb for this!"
-Jessica Lowery

But, I'll be sure to put up the teachings on the blog as they come out.

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